Can you make good choices when you are in “reaction” mode?

Dana Wilde from The Mind Aware Show reached out to me a few days ago and asked if I could address the topic, “How do you make better choices when you’re in “reaction” mode all day?”  The focus of her interview was to gain a better understanding of what drives us and how we go about making our choices.

I reminded her that a number of our choices are motivated by fear.  One of her questions which I really liked was, “If we are not making these types of choices (driven by fear, greed or pride), then what replaces that?”  You can listen to my interview with Dana which aired on 10 radio stations across the nation on July 1st by clicking here or the image below and then clicking the play button next to the speaker icon.

The Expert Radio Network Inetrview with Krishna Pendyala

Would like to get your perspective or comments.

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