“I want to be Happy, but my Ego wants to be Right!”

I was surrounded by great views driving from Novato to Sacramento, CA on Friday through the beautiful San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge and I began to sing, something that I don’t normally do – especially with my own lyrics. Sounded like an Eric Clapton tune.

The words were, “I want to be Happy, but my Ego wants to be Right!” I repeated them several times and soon realized the depth in the statement.

Being still and in peace can yield insights that are beyond our egoic mind’s capability. I have been using it daily since Friday evening and it has served me well over the weekend visiting my mother and my brother’s family. I shared this awareness with my brother while he was having a heated discussion and he instantly saw the wisdom in the statement, something that older brothers rarely do listening to their younger brothers.

Would love to hear your perspective. Have a good one.

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