If darkness were a person, how insecure would he be?

After many years of trying to gain a better perspective on people and the cause for conflicts, one of the common issues that I discovered is “insecurity”.  People tend to protect their mind-made creations of “who” they are.  Most of us identify with external attributions when it comes to who we are.  I am a designer, attorney, CPA, doctor, etc. etc.

Recently, this question dawned upon me, “If darkness were a person, how insecure would he be?  The answer was as clear as daylight.  Imagine for a moment that you were darkness and the fear and anxiety that would constantly accompany you as you lived every day of your life.  It would be a terrible way to live.

While this example seems to present the situation very clearly, it seems to me that we can apply this concept to our every day lives.  Many of us have built extensive shields or facades for “who” we are.  The mind does this automatically with no help from us – this is our Ego.  If you notice a child growing up very carefully, you will see the innocence leaving the child over the years as her individuality builds, especially around age 7.

Being found out or called out as a phony is one of our biggest fears and we live the rest of our lives unconsciuosly protecting it even from our friends and loved ones.  Imagine our life experience if we knew that this was all made up by our mind and it is not who we really are.

Happy Holidays!

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