Life blossoms in the Valley; Not usually at the Summit

Dear Friends,

I had written a post titled ‘Scaling Peaks (New Heights) and the Valley of Learning’ back in June and had my daughter create an illustration for it.  Since I liked it a lot, I made it the wall paper on my iPad.

Recently, I discovered an App on the iPad called ‘The Now’ which can be set to show nice little reminders at random intervals on your screen throughout the day.  Last week, when I turned on my iPad, I noticed a great little saying from the App.

The message was so incredible and since it was perfectly juxtaposed on top of the illustration that my daughter had made, I took a screen shot to share it with you.

Life is in the Valley

It said, “To live only for some future goal is shallow.  It’s the sides of the mountains that sustain life, not the top.”

While the original artwork was created to illustrate the journey down the valley in terms of its richness of elements and secondly, the “learning” along the way.  Life typically consists of nothing more than a collection of experiences in the world – with people and nature along with its flora and fauna.  Life predominantly expresses itself in the valley.

When our little “you” is fixated only on the goal or the destination, it forgets to partake of the very elements of life.  For example, if I were solely focused on turning on my iPad to do exactly what I reached out to do on the iPad, I would have missed this beautiful message that the universe was conveying to me. For those, who want a refresher or get to know more of the distinction between the little “you” and the big “YOU”, I have embedded the video below.


Getting caught up with the summits of success and ignoring the moments of awe and simple life experiences at the ground level is a sure way of missing out on life.  Please take the time, pause and enjoy or experience the simple moments in life and you will begin to appreciate their significance.

Peace and blessings,


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