“Presence is the Key to All Locked Doors” – Lehka Pendyala (9)

All my time and effort to simplify and communicate the distinction between the Core or Natural Self and the Egoic Self were well rewarded last week when my nine-year old daughter said with utmost clarity, “Presence is the key to all locked doors.” Both my wife and I were speechless and just absorbed the words and felt the message in our bones.

Children are less conditioned than us adults with all the messages from all different sources of dysfunction.  Eckhart Tolle was hoping that someday his concepts would be taught in elementary schools.  My wife’s initial reaction was, “Will they be too much for them?”  I must say with absolute certainty that the last 9 months have proven to me that elementary school kids (we have two) are more capable of embracing the distinction between the Ego and the Core Self than many of the adults that I have an opportunity to share these principles.

Some of the conversations that we have overheard between our children prove to us that they are completely cognizant of their egos and end conflict both inner and between them relatively quickly.

It has been a real joy to watch them “get it”.

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