Switching Out of Auto-Pilot

in control of mindOne of the most common side effects of our lives in a demanding society is the habit of living on auto-pilot. More often than not, we find ourselves being overly influenced by media platforms, social media, political, and bureaucratic forces.  We unwittingly conform to the masses and end up being unaware of who is actually controlling our life.  As social creatures, we have the disposition of becoming one of the crowd, and running on auto-pilot.

Don’t you want to be in the driver’s seat of your own life?

Being on auto-pilot means to allow yourself to be led by the outside influences in life like a cork floating upon a stream, being shifted and pulled by the whim of the running water.

It is important when striving to live a good life that we are aware of our ability to choose and exercise our choice rather than settle for the default option.  The default setting is usually designed to cater to our need for convenience or laziness.  Being aware of choice is also synonymous with being conscious.  Reflecting on the standards that are a major part of our life and discerning their values.  To switch out of auto-pilot is to think critically and to place the influences from the outside forces into perspective.  We are able to regain a sense of awareness and to steer ourselves from going through life only by the routine motions usually set by others for their advantage.

On the other hand, having to take an impression from everything at every moment of the day could easily result in becoming overwhelmed, drained and burnt out.  Therefore, we could utilize an Auto-Choice™  to better utilize our resources and time.  An Auto-choice is the conscious process of deliberating options, exercising a decision and then relegating it to become automatic.  It can be seen as a healthy habit, where as being on auto-pilot could allow ourselves to settle into an unhealthy habit.

This is as well why Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and even President Obama routinely wore, or wear, the same clothes on a consistent basis.  It is an auto-choice not to waste time worrying about what to wear, and in effect not stressing about another decision.  They are choosing not to engage in the aspects of life that dictate a lot of our time and weaken our effectiveness.  Deciding what food, clothes, and route to take to work can use up a lot of unnecessary time.

When I go to a restaurant that I have been to before for an important meeting, I choose what to order beforehand.  This enables me to keep my complete focus on the conversation.  It is an auto-choice and a more resourceful method of utilizing my time.  I have elected to free my time from the static of the menu and the restaurant and chosen to engage my attention fully to what’s being discussed.  This has proven beneficial all involved and has usually lead to great outcomes.

By being present and aware, we can usually combat the disease of living in auto-pilot.  The mindful choice to discern what is more important, and to not be piloted by the force of outside influences.  When we choose to switch out of auto-pilot, we can start using our time more wisely and lead a more successful and fulfilled life.  Investing the attention to make choices and relegating some to auto-choice it a great way to live a powerful life.

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