Why wait for something really bad to happen to make a change?

The most common argument that seems to come up from time to time is about traffic lights at a bad intersection.  I have been told that they will not put a traffic light until there is enough “evidence” that it is actually dangerous, i.e. one or two people have to be killed there.  While there may be theories that challenge whether traffic lights make an intersection more safe, I am limiting my discussion to the typical reasoning behind the justification for a traffic light at an intersection.

Then comes the report of the psychiatrist who warned campus police before the Colorado graduate student went on a rampage and killed 12 people and injuring many more.  Why can’t people take action swiftly, why do they need evidence before taking even preventive action?  Let’s not blame or hide behind our Constitution.  If you really want to take proactive action, I am sure there are avenues to accomplish it.  The need for evidence is a justification necessary for the mind and our ego.  This enables us to feel good about our decision and stand up against criticism.

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

At an individual level, what can we control?  We can control our reactions to anything that happens to us, but how often do we?  We are usually at the mercy of our drive to avoid painful experiences (APE) and our desire to pursue instant gratification (PIG).  How often do we take a moment to pause and evaluate our options in an objective manner?

It seems like we change only when the perceived pain of change is less than living the pain of status quo.  Once we become aware of this phenomena in humans, can we go beyond the PIG and the APE and make better choices?

I think we absolutely can as evidenced by the many folks who participate in my Meetup groups and those who practice the simple concepts in my book.

I’ve been fortunate to hear so many stories of change that took place before any disaster struck.  The key is to become aware of who we are and what’s really driving us.  This realization will lead us to better decisions and dodge potential mishaps.

Practice raising your inner awareness in a fun way by getting to know the PIG and the APE. Visit my web site to learn more www.krishnapendyala.com or my book Beyond the PIG and the APE: Realizing SUCCESS and true Happiness.

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