Mindless vs Mindful and Paying Attention vs Thinking

We live busy lives with too much going on most of the time.  The very fact that I am up at 1:30 AM trying to write and share this post is a testament to how busy we are.

MindlessRushing around in this state seems like we are running in an auto-pilot mode, like a zombie and life becomes a blurrrrrr…

You eat mindlessly, you watch TV mindlessly and end up missing out on life.  While not using your mind could be one extreme, too much thinking could be the other extreme.  Getting consumed and addicted to incessant thinking can really cloud up your ability to see life clearly and make good choices.  Too much thinking generates a lot of chatter and noise in your head and wears you out.

Being Mindful is not about filling your mind with thoughts, but focusing all your attention to the task at hand.  If you are eating, pay keen attention to experiencing the texture, the smell and the taste of the food.  Some studies have shown that you can get the same nutrition from a third of the food if you eat with presence.

While multitasking may be viewed by some as a talent, it sows the seeds of losing presence and mindfulness out of your life.  Devoting all your attention to what you are doing at that moment not only improves the quality of your output, but also enhances your life experience.

A great starting point to simply bring presence and mindfulness into your life is to just feel the water flow over you as take your next shower. Try it, see if you can just be present to the flowing of the water through your hair and over your body.  Watch how your mind wanders and gently return your attention to the water.  Do it for a few days and see the difference in makes in your demeanor and state of mind.

You can be the master of your life experience.  Getting caught up in the rat race can definitely make you miss out on the rich life you could easily have.

Raising your inner awareness can bring more joy and fulfillment in your life.  There are many simple and fun ways to become present and raise your level of awareness in my book, Beyond the PIG and the APE: Realizing Success and true Happiness.

I will be attending the Mindfulness and Education Conference at the Omega Institute later this week and hope to bring back some more insights to share.

Best wishes,


The key to a better life is to be aware in the life we live.

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